Plugin Vehicles Account For 4.6% Of New Vehicle Sales In January In Italy

Originally published on opportunity:energy. Italy’s plugin car market saw a rather soft start to 2021, following a sparkling end of 2020 that was marked by a sense of exuberance. January sales figures show a combination of the hangover from year end, as well as the marks of a new lockdown. Plug-in vehicles, nonetheless, are on […]

Tesla’s New Engagement Hub

Tesla recently launched its newest platform, the Engagement Platform, which is a platform for both Tesla’s public policy team and Tesla owners clubs. The goal is to create a digital home base for all of Tesla’s work and make it easier for Tesla community members to learn about what’s happening at Tesla, take action, and […]

Much More Rooftop Solar From An Alternative To Monopoly Utility Models

Originally published on Since rooftop solar became possible, electric utilities have struggled to incorporate it into their outdated business model. In recent years, this lag in utility recognition has become increasingly problematic, risking the health, environmental, and financial impacts of over-investment in large fossil fuel power plants. In over 30 states, monopoly utilities submit […]

Tesla Is Partnering Up With New Caledonia For Nickel

Tesla is partnering with the New Caledonia nickel mine as a technical advisor as a way to secure stocks of nickel, Mining Global has reported. The deal was signed in the French Pacific territory and noted that the partnership is a “technical and industrial partnership” in which Tesla will source raw materials for batteries. This […]

Geothermal Energy Is Having A Magic Moment, This Time For Real — CleanTechnica Interview

Just in time to avert a climate catastrophe, US geothermal energy industry shakes self out of slumber with an assist from oil and gas experts.

Petaluma First US City To Ban New Gas Stations

Tiny Petaluma in northern California has become the first US city to ban the construction of new gas stations.

Implications Of Tesla FSD Beta If It Cuts Crashes Dramatically?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted a few hours ago that Tesla would open up the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta to the masses via an option on Tesla vehicle touchscreens in ~10 days. (Well, by “masses,” I mean people who have bought the FSD upgrade, which currently costs $10,000.) It’s unclear if Tesla will take away […]

Science Wins at the Interior Department

Courtesy of Union Of Concerned Scientists. By Jacob Carter, Research scientist This week, the Department of the Interior (DOI) announced that it will be rescinding secretarial order 3369, which sidelined scientific research and its use in the agency’s decisions. Put in place by the previous administration, the secretarial order restricted decisionmakers at the DOI from using scientific […]

Will India Really Woo Tesla For Large-Scale Vehicle Production (Not Assembly)?

A few days ago, I spotted the following Reuters headline: “Exclusive: India woos Tesla with offer of cheaper production costs than China.” Intrigued, and thinking there was some real news on what Tesla is going to do in India, I opened the link and read through the story. However, the key point is that there’s […]

One Person Or A Small Group Was Behind #RIPElon. The SEC & FBI Should...

On Friday, Twitter users woke up to news that Elon Musk had died. The cause of death? A lithium battery he was handling at a Tesla facility exploded in his hands. As proof, many tweets had screenshots from reputable news outlets, and there was even a tweet from Grimes expressing grief that had supposedly been […]

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13% Of New Car Sales In Europe Electric (21% Plugins)

dFor the first time since June 2021, the overall European car market grew YoY. It was only by 3%, but it signals that the worst of the production constraints might be over. Although, with an energy-derived recession looming on the horizon, this uptick might not last for long…. Looking at the plugin vehicle market in […]

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A bit of cyberpunk, a little manga, and a whole lotta attitude!

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