Rishi Sunak: ‘Shock to economy won’t be fixed overnight’

The Chancellor says he wants to level with people about the economic challenges ahead.

Budget 2021: BBC editors on what to expect

BBC editors Faisal Islam and Simon Jack tell us what Chancellor Rishi Sunak might have in store.

ReNew Power India’s Leading Renewable Energy Company  to Publicly List through Business Combination with...

ReNew Power, India’s leading renewable energy company, has entered into a definitive business combination agreement...

Deborah Meaden on how the business landscape has changed

Speaking to Joanna Gosling, the Dragon's Den entrepreneur explains why companies have to get used to a new normal.

Climate Change: How much did it cost US economy in 2020?

As the US rejoins the Paris accord on Friday, we look at how much extreme weather events are costing the country.

Covid: How work life changed for a home-schooler and a supermarket manager

How the pandemic has changed work life for a home-schooling parent and a supermarket manager.

ZoomOut: Waving goodbye to awkward video call endings

ZoomOut, a device which ends a video call at the pull of a cord has been developed.

Next-generation Data Management Platform Solidatus Raises £14 million in Series A Funding

Solidatus rapidly delivers a trusted 360 view of an organisation’s data flows, enabling insightful, sustainable...

Covid-19: Cruise industry ‘in a very different place’ to a year ago

Cruise boss Brian Salerno explains how the industry is preparing for a return to business post-lockdown.

HS2: Aerial footage shows what London to Birmingham route looks like now

Take a flight along phase one of the high-speed rail network – from London to Birmingham.

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Insect-like flying drones and other technology news

Jen Copestake looks at some of the best technology news stories of the week.

China NPC: Beijing to overhaul Hong Kong electoral system

Premier Li Keqiang warns the world not to interfere, as he addresses China's largest political meeting.

Tesla Building Super Supercharger in Santa Monica (Solar, Lounge, 62 Stalls) — Let’s See...

A few years ago, Tesla announced a plan to start building next-level Superchargers. These Superchargers would be huge (a lot of stalls), include lounges with snacks and restrooms, sometimes also feature special family & pet facilities, and maybe even sell merch. I was thrilled! This was really where Tesla Superchargers needed to go, in my […]
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