The Profound Climate Implications of Supreme Court’s West Virginia v. EPA Decision

This term, alongside a number of cases with the potential for seismic implications, the Supreme Court also took up West Virginia v. Environmental Protection Agency. Though the case caught fewer headlines, it, too, threatened Earth-shifting implications all its own by thrusting into question a critical EPA lever for addressing climate change. Now we have that decision in […]

The Green Car Manifesto No One Asked For

I want to talk about green cars that don't suck.

U.S. Solar Trade Association Expands Board of Directors at Pivotal Moment for Solar Industry

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Four companies, CEP Renewables, Kiewit Energy Group, Monarch Private Capital, and Moss & Associates, are joining the board of directors of the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Additionally, the association named Laura Stern, co-CEO of Nautilus Solar Energy, vice-chair of its executive committee. SEIA’s board of directors now consists of more than […]

Norway Grows EV Share – Tesla Model Y Bestseller

Norway’s electric vehicle transition continued to progress in June, with plugin electric vehicle share of 89.9%, up from 84.9% year-on-year. Overall auto volumes were down 27% YoY, to 14,901 units. The Tesla Model Y was the overall bestselling auto, at 2,531 units. Market Share Trends May’s combined plugin result of 89.9% comprised 78.7% full battery […]

New Scorecards Show Climate Progress of 6 Front-Runner States

RMI releases climate scorecards that track progress of six key US states based on climate commitments and greenhouse gas emissions

BMW i3 Production Ending

The BMW i3 is a truly unique electric car — or unique car of any kind, for that matter. The i3 is likely to be on the streets of Europe and the US for many years to come. But production of new i3 cars has come to an end. I bought a used BMW i3 […]

XPeng & NIO Score Nearly 30,000 Sales Combined In June

Chinese smart electric vehicle startups XPeng and NIO certainly have their differences — plenty of them — but they’ve also followed almost parallel paths with regards to their production and sales ramp-ups. Also, they both joined the US stock market, which has made them particularly interesting to many people outside of China. That aligns well […]

Bringing EV Fast Charging to Underserved Communities in California

One of the biggest challenges with the transition to electric vehicles is making the transition as equitable as possible. As with most new tech, EVs come at a premium (at the cash register — not over the life of the vehicle). In general, new cars are an upper-middle-class purchase, or at least middle-class purchase (depending […]

I Bought a Thing: Hover 1 Rebel Hoverboard Review

You spin me right round, baby, right round ...

Governor Hochul: Free EV Fast Charging at EVolve NY Sites for 4th of July...

New York Power Authority Offers Free Charging at EVolve NY Fast Chargers Across New York State to Inspire More New Yorkers to Drive Emissions-Free During High-Travel Holiday

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Taiwan: China attack not imminent, but US watching closely, says Gen Milley

Top US general Mark Milley says China clearly is developing the capability to be able to attack Taiwan.

Inflation, Tesla Prices, Tesla Demand, & The Future Of Tesla

As inflationary pressure has hit raw materials over the past few months, the auto industry has struggled to keep investors and consumers both happy. Electric vehicle maker Tesla hasn’t been immune to the effects of inflation either, and how it’s faring against other automakers is still yet to be determined. The U.S. consumer price index for […]

How Fast-Growing Colorado Is Tackling Its Transportation Emissions

From Denver smog to jammed mountain highways, Colorado is focusing on transportation to solve congestion, pollution, and climate problems. The first in a series of stories based on RMI analysis of how key US states are deploying real climate solutions. See more at State Climate Scorecards. From innovative transportation solutions to slashing emissions in the electricity […]
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