“A Charge Wherever You Are” — Australian EV Charging Service To Make Your Life...

“Thanks for  keeping my car alive while I was away. I didn’t park in the best spot and I was going to have 40+ sentry notifications, but I was in a rush to get on the plane and at least I could count on you guys being there.”

The Newest Tech In Alternative Foods (Video)

Plant-based products are becoming more popular due to progress in terms of flavor, affordability, and sustainability. What's the tech behind the advances?

Even ICE Enthusiasts Are Seeing The End, But What Does The End Look Like?

Switching cars over to electric drive is a good goal. Electric motors are far more efficient than their ICE counterparts, so they waste a lot less energy and are generally cleaner even when the power plant uses fossil fuels. When batteries are charged with electricity, the source of that electricity can get greener over time […]

Deep learning improves interpretation of tumors

Deep learning improves interpretation of tumors Science Highlights thomas.johnson Mon, 10/18/2021 - 09:03 NIBIB-funded engineers are using deep learning to differentiate tumor more accurately from normal tissue in positron emission tomography (PET) images.

Can driving data help make our roads safer?

Sensors in cars and on lampposts are used to spot erratic driving and locate dangerous hotspots.

After Tesla, Porsche & Volkswagen Lead in Share of Sales Being Electric in USA...

The other day, we got news that Tesla CEO (or Technoking, technically) Elon Musk was invited to join a meeting of 200 Volkswagen Group managers. That may seem weird — well, it is weird — but it also makes a lot of sense. Volkswagen appears to be the legacy automaker most seriously working to electrify […]

Tesla US Sales Up 104% While US Auto Industry Down 22%

Comparing the 3rd quarter of 2021 to the 3rd quarter of 2020, US Tesla sales were up 67% while overall US auto sales were down 13%. Compared to 2019, the difference was even more stark — Tesla sales were up 104% and US auto sales were down 22%.

Saving Humanity While Losing Our Humanity: Human Rights vs “Final Solutions” in the EV...

“Live free or die: death is not the worst of evils.” — General John Stark, 1809 If you’re a defender of human rights, the news can be a hard thing to read and/or watch. Every day, some powerful piece of crap wearing a suit (or powerful pieces of crap wearing suits) are trying to take […]

Cool & Fun Alternatives Manufacturers Can Use To Lower Insurance Premiums For Fast EVs

It’s becoming more and more common to hear that some EV manufacturer or other is going to offer their own insurance. It will, of course, be underwritten by a company that specializes in insurance, but by going through a manufacturer like Rivian or Tesla, you can save money. Why? Because the manufacturer can give the […]

Never Mind the Torque Talk, Feel the Romance 

As relayed by Majella Waterworth to David Waterworth  Conversations collected at the AEVA EV experience day in Cleveland, Queensland, 26th September 2021. Two young men were enamored by our Tesla Model 3. Majella showed them the tech and then got the comment: “I couldn’t afford this and an expensive engagement ring for my fiancé.” Apparently, […]

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Dozens Of Original Tesla Roadsters Lost In Gruber Motors Fire

Over the weekend, tragedy struck again at Gruber Motors in Arizona. An electrical failure started a fire in their main service building, and managed to ignite a car’s lithium batteries before the fire department could arrive and put the blaze out, making it very difficult to save anything in the building. Sadly, there were at […]

North Korea fires ballistic missile into waters off Japan

The launch, confirmed by the South, is the latest in a series of missile tests by Pyongyang.

Billionaires Beating the Government in Race to Net Zero 

Andrew Forrest, Mukesh Ambani, and Larry Fink walk into a bar — “looks like it’s coke zero all round,” says the bartender. The richest man in India (Ambani) has set a goal of net-zero emissions by 2035 for his company. Australia’s Andrew Forrest has pledged net-zero emissions in phases, mostly by 2030 (scope 1 & […]
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