Pony.ai Becomes First Company to Test Driverless Vehicles on Public Roads in Both the...

Opening fully driverless Robotaxi service to the general public in California starting in 2022 ...

Zhejiang Export Online Fair 2020 (Thailand-auto parts)

BANGKOK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31, 2020 The pandemic has created an environment where businesses need to...

Chinese Truck Driver Sped for Kilometers in a Soon-to-Explode Truck Receiving a FAW J7...

XINMIN, China--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 20, 2020 According to Chinese media reports, on July 14, 2020,...

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Kazakhstan unrest: ‘If you protest again, we’ll kill you’

Activists in Kazakhstan say they are being arrested and beaten as police crack down after unrest.

26% of New Vehicle Sales Plugin Vehicle Sales in Germany in 2021

36% plugin vehicle share in December! The German automotive market has opened the gates to plugin vehicles, with December close to setting a record month, ending some 1,000 units below December 2020 with 81,188 registrations. Plugin vehicles (PEVs) scored an amazing 36% share (21% BEV) in December, with the full 2021 numbers ending at over […]

Can this app help to keep women safe on the streets?

A new safety app has been developed by a team of volunteers with experience of abuse and violence.
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