Report: Shanghai Will Subsidize EV Purchases With 10,000 Yuan Per Unit For Rest Of...

Shanghai will subsidize battery electric vehicle purchases within its borders with 10,000 yuan (~$1,500) per unit for the rest of 2022, Zero Hedge reports, citing Bloomberg as a source. The subsidy started in June and ends at the end of the year, according to the local government. Bloomberg wrote in a wrap-up last week, “Consumers whose […]

NIO Has Passed 200,000 Cumulative EV Deliveries

Approximately one month before XPeng announced that it had reached 200,000 cumulative EV deliveries across the life of the company, NIO hit the same milestone. It’s a significant milestone that many expected the company would never reach — after all, how many EV startups can survive and thrive? Just as many very serous industry analysts […]

EIG Launches Chilean Renewables Platform Grupo Cerro

Newly formed entity includes the recently completed acquisition of ANPAC portfolio of 11 run-of-river hydroelectric plants as...

Another Diesel Cheating Scandal — This Time It’s Hyundai & Kia

Raids on 8 facilities stem from what prosecutors say are defeat devices that reduce or eliminate emission reduction controls when diesel-powered vehicles are in operation on the road.

GE Appliances & Oatly Add Electric Trucks from Einride

If you don’t have them in your own home, you’ve seen GE Appliances in someone’s home before, and probably at workplaces or commercial establishments. Moving tons of large appliances around every year, as well as the supplies to produce them, GE Appliances surely generates a lot of transportation emissions. It is now looking to cut […]

What I Love & Hate About The myChevrolet App

For many people, the idea of an EV that’s not also a connected vehicle full of information technology is unimaginable. This goes back a decade to the Tesla Model S, a vehicle that pioneered putting a huge touchscreen, with a Linux-powered computer to back it, in a vehicle. Some of the touchscreens didn’t fare well […]

Scout Chooses South Carolina For New Factory

Scout Motors is an independent US company backed by Volkswagen Group whose board of directors includes Dr. Gernot Doellner, the head of group strategy at Volkswagen AG, and Peter Bosch, the member of the Bentley Motors board responsible for manufacturing. Its CEO is Scott Keogh, formerly head of Volkswagen of America. In a press release […]

How Tesla Introduced An Intelligent EV Supply Chain

The concept of vehicles being intelligent devices is relatively new, and it has largely come as a result of Tesla’s contributions to the auto industry. As the industry shifts toward Tesla’s example of electric vehicles that can be updated with a simple software update, one expert notes how far supply chains for these intelligent electric […]

Volkswagen Picks Canada For New Battery Factory

Volkswagen has decided to build a battery factory in Canada for electric cars made in America. But has the ground shifted under its feet?

Allume Energy SolShare System Brings Rooftop Solar To Apartment Dwellers

Australia's Allume Energy has the world's only technology capable of sharing rooftop solar with multiple units in residential apartment buildings.

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