An A.I.-Driven Exchange Fund Bought $1.4 Billion Worth of Tesla (TSLA) Shares This Month

Did you know that there’s an exchange-traded fund that is driven by artificial intelligence? That fund, the Qraft AI-Enhanced US Large Cap Momentum ETF (AMOM), bought around $1.4 billion worth of Tesla (TSLA) shares earlier this month. It did so earlier this month. Tesla is now the third-largest stock holding of the robot ETF. The […]

Vision Marine Sets Electric Speed Record

With a 109 MPH top speed run at last weekend's Lake of the Ozarks event, no one can ignore electric power boats now!

Tesla’s New Product — Robot Hamburger Flipper

As is often the case with Elon, at the end of the AI Day presentation today, there was a surprise announcement of a new product. In this case, it was a human-like robot with the FSD computer inside of it to direct its actions. In Elon time, it will be on the market next year. […]

Indonesia Wants To Be A Manufacturing Super Power

Indonesia wants to be more than a supplier of raw materials to the world. It wants the world to build products within its borders.

Carver Electric City Car Combines Safety, Comfort, & Convenience

In the United States, motorbikes are owned by less than 10% of households. It’s frequently utilized for pleasure, such as a cruiser bike that is taken out on mountain roads on weekends or a dirtbike that is used in the woods or desert for fun. You may see a few motorcycles driven every day and […]

More Electric Semi Trucks Coming To US & Europe

Orders for electric semi trucks are ramping up as the EV revolution moves forward.

California’s Hydroelectric Generation Affected by Historic Drought

Most of the western United States is experiencing intense and historic drought conditions. California is one of the most severely affected states. As of June 22, 2021, 100% of the state is experiencing some degree of drought. About 33% of the state has been categorized under exceptional drought, the most intense drought classification. The drought conditions have […]

Utah Wildlife Enforcement Officers Set Up Drone Team

In the past, I’ve written a number of articles explaining how drones have allowed clean electric aviation to develop in ways that just aren’t possible with manned aircraft. Since batteries can’t currently store enough energy to move large planes except for short flights, electric aircraft carrying lots of passengers or cargo over long distances is […]

Give Europeans a “Right to Plug” at Home & Work

Originally published on Transport & Environment. The EU soon has an opportunity to improve the most important charging infrastructure of all: in the home and workplace. The upcoming review of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) is an essential part of the transition towards zero emission transport in the future, T&E and auto industry association […]

EU Foreign Ministers Must Lead On Immediate Sanctions On Russian Oil

Despite five rounds of sanctions, the EU is still sending Putin $285m a day to feed its dependance on imported oil, writes T&E in an open letter.

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Arizona Tesla Owners Say GEICO Refuses To Fix Their Cars

A recent post on Twitter from an account that posts images and videos from Tesla vehicles recently shared some bad news out of Phoenix, Arizona. Many of the people who submit video to “Wham Baam Teslacam” share videos of accidents, so it makes sense that their social media channels and YouTube channel would know a […]

13% Of New Car Sales In Europe Electric (21% Plugins)

dFor the first time since June 2021, the overall European car market grew YoY. It was only by 3%, but it signals that the worst of the production constraints might be over. Although, with an energy-derived recession looming on the horizon, this uptick might not last for long…. Looking at the plugin vehicle market in […]

Hydra Electric Motorcycle Concept Is Manga-gnificent!

A bit of cyberpunk, a little manga, and a whole lotta attitude!
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