The Battle for Germany’s EV Market, Part II — Tesla Model 3 Called for...

The overall German auto market had a positive month in February (+3% year over year), with BEVs being the highlight (+15% YoY). There were 32,475 BEV registrations last month, 16% of the overall market. That pulled the market up, quite different from diesel (-7%) and especially PHEVs (-45%!), the latter of which are now suffering […]

Tesla Updates FSD In Response To NHTSA Recall Notice

Tesla says it is ready to roll out a new update for its Full Self Driving Beta system that will address a recall by NHTSA issued in February.

Tata Power Secures 510 Megawatt Solar-Wind Hybrid PPA

One of India’s largest renewable energy companies, Tata Power Renewable Energy, has entered into a power purchase agreement for a solar-wind hybrid project.  The company signed a 510 megawatt power purchase agreement with group company Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited or TPDDL, a power distribution utility serving India’s capital city of Delhi.  The 510 megawatts […]

Massive Spray Drones Are Transforming Agriculture With Win After Win

Farmers don't buy spraying drones or hire drone spraying services because of the environmental benefits, of course. They don't need to justify the use of them. They sign on the dotted line for higher profits.

Used Cars Are Stupid Expensive Again. E-Bikes Could Save The Day

A recent post by CarDealershipGuy on Twitter shows us that buying a cheaper used car is tough right now, and that’s true whether you’re the final buyer or the dealer trying to get ahold of something to sell to you. Why? Because all of the good stuff that doesn’t need a serious repair to be […]

Tesla Stock More Popular Than Ever With Individuals

Tesla’s stock has been popular this year, and retail investors have been no exception to this fact. With tens of billions spent on Tesla shares already purchased this year, the company outpaces any other security by far, and it’s already on track to beat records from last year. Investors have spent a net $13.6 billion […]

Mixed Solar Car Struggles: Sono’s Sion Dies, But Aptera Has Good News

It ain’t easy being an electric car startup, and it’s even less easy if you’re doing something more exotic, like trying to sell a solar-powered car. Everyone knows that solar power is great and useful, but many people also know that the limited space on the outside of a car just doesn’t gather that much […]

New Infrastructure Perception & Control Lab Merges Transportation & Computational Science

NREL Inaugurates New Lab, Advancing Pioneering Research Efforts Into the Real World To Improve Mobility Efficiency and Equity Billions of devices around the world are connected to the internet, leading to greater connectivity, data processing, and analytics. This “Internet of Things” helps people and organizations automate processes, reduce labor costs, and ultimately live and work […]

Some EV Drivers Found A Fix For A Common Charging Problem, But Electrify America...

As we’ve explained before, the future isn’t as bright for CHAdeMO cars as it is for CCS cars. Electrify America isn’t building any new CHAdeMO stations. Infrastructure Bill funds require a station have a minimum of four CCS stations per site, spaced roughly every 50 miles along major highways. Some of these stations will probably […]

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