It’s Time To Retire Those Gas-Powered Lawnmowers & Leafblowers

Gas-powered mowers emit 16 times as much planet-warming carbon dioxide per acre as electric mowers. Even in places where the electricity grid is mostly powered by fossil fuels, the discrepancy is huge because gas-powered mowers use an estimated 13.7 times as much energy as electric models.

The Wuling Bingo Shines In China, Silver Badge Good News For Global Market?

The SAIC–GM–Wuling (SGMW) joint venture has been setting the trends in China when it comes to cool, affordable, mini EVs. After the smash hit Hongguang Mini EV and its many flavors, including the colorful Macaron Edition and the Cabriolet version, SGMW is about to unleash the Baojun Yep Mini SUV. But before the Baojun Yep […]

In A Decarbonized World, Will Freedom Of Mobility Be Affordable To A Happy Few...

The question “In a Decarbonized World, Will Freedom of Mobility Be Affordable to a Happy Few Only?” was the topic of the first Freedom of Mobility Forum debate. This was a debate between intelligent, well informed, very opinionated people who regretfully used the debate to talk about their mobility-related hobby-horses and mostly ignored the question*. […]

Getting to Work on Workplace Charging

The U.S. Census Bureau estimated in 2019 that there were 6.1 million employers in the United States. However, as of early 2021, there were estimated to be fewer than 10,000 chargers at workplaces. With transportation now the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the United States, the country must rapidly scale the adoption of […]

My Tour of Lightning eMotors

I was impressed pulling into the lot at Lightning eMotors. A hundred or more white vans from Ford and GM were arrayed in rows, waiting for their turn to be transformed into battery electric vehicles (BEVs). Lightning eMotors, covered by CleanTechnica in 2021 here, here, and here, specializes in creating powertrains and electric conversions for […]

Tesla “Low” Regenerative Braking Coming Back (It Seems)

Regenerative braking is an important feature found in electric vehicles, and Tesla is now looking to make its regen braking more adjustable for its drivers (again). In late 2020, Tesla got rid of the ability to select a “Low” regenerative braking option, but the company is reportedly looking to re-deploy that feature in a coming […]

Biffa & LUNAZ Partner To Up-Cycle Refuse Collection Trucks In The UK

After a long wait, we are starting to see more traction in the brand new heavy electric truck sector. Volvo, Scania, DAF, and several other manufacturers of heavy electric trucks are scaling up production. They are working across the board including electric trucks for applications in critical areas such as in the construction and mining […]

Technology Red Flags: What Accessible Tests Can You Apply To Cleantech Innovations?

None of these red flags by themselves make a company, a product, or a purported solution a guaranteed failure or an outright scam. But the more red flags pop up, the less likely something is to be something worth bothering with.

“Tesla Drivers Are The Same As Harley Riders”

So asserts John Jensen, who rides a Harley-Davidson Sports Glide and drives a Tesla Model 3 Long Range. Both groups have strong brand loyalty, have their own owner groups, and love to customise. They buy things for their cars that other car owners and bike riders wouldn’t, even wheel hubs that light up. “Are they […]

Ford Mustang Mach-E Now Has More Range & Lower Prices

Ford has lowered prices on the Mustang Mach-E and switched to LFP batteries on Standard models as it ramps up production.

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