Victory! Colorado Cancels Highway Expansion, Funds Transit Instead

A plan to expand Interstate 25 through central Denver has officially been scrapped, and $100 million has instead been reallocated to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and other investments in walking- and biking-friendly projects that support healthier, more vibrant communities. Expansion of the highway was opposed by transportation and environmental advocates, as well as neighboring communities that already […]

Hay! Alfalfa Is The Biggest Issue For Western Water

The Colorado River basin is running out of water. This is because the demand for water is going up while the supply is going down. This is obviously bad, because the Colorado River is the main source of water for the western United States, including population centers like Las Vegas, the Phoenix Metro Area, and […]

Charge Your EV With A Fake Tree?

When someone at CleanTechnica first shared the link to Solar Botanic Trees, I wasn’t sure at first what I was looking at. Were they alien trees? Were they a joke? How much power do they produce? But, after looking at the site more, it looks like a serious product that could prove not only aesthetically […]

Utah Wildlife Enforcement Officers Set Up Drone Team

In the past, I’ve written a number of articles explaining how drones have allowed clean electric aviation to develop in ways that just aren’t possible with manned aircraft. Since batteries can’t currently store enough energy to move large planes except for short flights, electric aircraft carrying lots of passengers or cargo over long distances is […]

US Plan To Add 500,000 EV Chargers In All 50 States Gets Final Approval

The Biden administration announced this week that EV charger plans from all 50 states have been received and approved.

New Electra Kākau Is The E-bike For Surfers

Inspired by Polynesian surfing history, the Kākau Go! a surfer's two-wheeled dream machine.

The Key To Avoiding The Worst Effects Of The Climate Emergency

With the ongoing climate emergency and nations’ commitments to meet net-zero goals by 2050, there’s a heightened need to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions through whatever means possible. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) or carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration (CCUS) are included in the mitigation pathways set out by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. […]

How The UN Xinjiang Report Will Impact The Cleantech Industry

Since 2017, there have been many allegations of human rights abuses in what China calls the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, known by dissidents as East Turkestan. This disagreement over the region’s name stems from a long history of on-and-off Chinese involvement and control of the region. For the past two millennia, the area has seen […]

Shareholders: You Make A Difference In A Company’s Environmental Responsibility

As You Sow has been raising the shareholder voice to increase corporate responsibility on a broad range of environmental issues such as waste reduction and waste management, as well as social issues including racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace. Shareholder advocacy works.

17 EV Models Have EPA Combined Rating of 100+ MPGe in Model Year 2022

For Model Year 2022 (MY 2022), 17 electric vehicle (EV) models achieved 100 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) or higher. MPGe is a unit of measure used by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to represent EV fuel economy in a common unit with gas-powered vehicles, where 33.7 kilowatt-hours of electricity are equal to the energy […]

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Kabul blast: At least 19 dead after suicide attack at exam centre – police

The suspected suicide bombing in the Afghan capital targeted students preparing for exams.

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Kabul blast: At least 19 dead after suicide attack at education centre – police

The suspected suicide bombing targeted students who were preparing for exams in the west of the city.
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