EIG Hires Joe Kaeser Former Siemens AG CEO as Senior Advisor

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr. 17, 2023 EIG, a leading institutional investor...

Power Construction Corporation of China Helps Vietnam to Start a New Chapter in Sea Wind Power

BEIJING--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Apr. 10, 2023 Power Construction Corporation of China...

EIG Completes Acquisition of 25% of Repsol’s Entire Global Upstream Business

EIG’s Breakwater Energy acquires stake for $4.8 billion WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS...

Tesla Secret Masterplan #3 Leaking Event

Tesla had an Investor Day event at its gigafactory in Austin, TX, today. Somehow, during this event, Secret Master Plan #3 got leaked to some people. It even appeared on a website that did not understand the nondisclosure agreement (NDA). Or is there some ambiguity in “secret.” The writer says it is just between you […]

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner 3 Plus Adds Premium Features At An Affordable Price

Rad Power Bikes is back at it again with yet another innovative bike that raises the bar increases capability and enables more riders to get out, taking more trips on two wheels than was possible before. The all new RadRunner 3 Plus does all of this with a completely new frame design That stretches the […]

First Smart Microgrid In Zimbabwe Installed At Shopping Center In Harare

A new smart microgrid at the 68 Ridgeway North shopping center in Harare is really a game-changer for the tenants in the complex. Charles Pickering was born in Kadoma, 149 kilometers southwest of Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. His family was farming in the area. He then moved to the United Kingdom in 1980 before coming back […]

Renewables Face Two Major Challenges — FUD & Connection Challenges

There are barriers to renewables in America that can be overcome by strategic thinking that validates the concerns of local people.

US Transportation Blueprint: Good Intentions, Weak Diagnosis, & Possibly Irrelevant

While the US will waste a lot of time, money and energy getting there and end up less competitive as a result, most US transportation will decarbonize regardless, although often not as the new transportation blueprint supposes.

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