Is It Time For Battery Storage To Replace Diesel Backup Generators In The C&I...

Most of the public utilities on the continent that play a key role in financing the power sector are facing severe liquidity challenges. Low cost recovery models and practices resulting in non-cost reflective electricity tariffs for various reasons (mostly political) are part of main reasons some of these utility companies are  strapped for cash. A […]

Gas Infrastructure Renewable Energy Integration Vital to Accelerating Asia’s Energy Transition: Black & Veatch

Global decarbonization leader points to more integrated generation, transmission and distribution solutions to stabilize Asia’s low-carbon energy...

An Idea For A Crazy EV Trek, & What It Shows Us About The...

As Aptera gets closer to production, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I’m going to take mine to push it to its limits. I think this is an important part of telling the story of the first 1,000-mile rated EV, and it gives us a preview of what’s going to be possible as battery […]

Ariel Hipercar — Batman, Your EV Is Ready (With Video)

Ariel makes some of the most exotic and quixotic automobiles in the world. They are the spiritual heirs to the philosophy that made Colin Chapman’s Lotus vehicles so special. “Simplify, then add lightness,” was his motto. There may never have been a simpler car that the Ariel Atom, a tubular exoskeleton filled with an engine, […]

Electric Vehicle Good, E-Bike Better, Cargo E-Bike Even Better

The CERO One is a solid cargo e-bike that makes every ride feel like fun, whether it's for business or pleasure.

Rheem Releases 120V Plug-In Heat Pump Water Heater That Can Be Plugged Into Typical...

Last fall I wrote about how 120 volt heat pump water heaters were just about to come out on the market. Well, they’re finally here! Rheem released its 120V ProTerra(R) Plug-in Heat Pump water heater (HPWH) in July and everyone is excited! Ok, you may not geek out on heat pump water heaters as much […]

US Senate Ratifies Kigali Amendment To Montreal Protocol

The US Senate this week ratified the Kigali Amendment that bans HFCs as refrigerants in air conditioning equipment.

Underwater Data Centers Could Be A Great Way To Lower Environmental Impacts

A few weeks ago, I came across an interesting company that offers a product that sounds like a bad idea on the surface. Subsea Cloud offers data center services, but with an interesting twist: the data center lives under the waves. For most people, the closest water comes to computers is when a cat dashes […]

Massive Public Fossil Fuels Database Released

New Global Registry of Fossil Fuel Emissions & Reserves

East Bay Customers Support California’s Grid During Extreme Heat Wave Through Innovative Program

For the past two years, East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), one of the nation’s top clean energy providers, and Sunrun, the largest home solar and battery storage company in the USA, have been installing new solar + battery systems. So far, they have enrolled more than 1,000 single-family homes in Alameda County and Tracy into EBCE’s […]

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Arizona Tesla Owners Say GEICO Refuses To Fix Their Cars

A recent post on Twitter from an account that posts images and videos from Tesla vehicles recently shared some bad news out of Phoenix, Arizona. Many of the people who submit video to “Wham Baam Teslacam” share videos of accidents, so it makes sense that their social media channels and YouTube channel would know a […]

13% Of New Car Sales In Europe Electric (21% Plugins)

dFor the first time since June 2021, the overall European car market grew YoY. It was only by 3%, but it signals that the worst of the production constraints might be over. Although, with an energy-derived recession looming on the horizon, this uptick might not last for long…. Looking at the plugin vehicle market in […]

Hydra Electric Motorcycle Concept Is Manga-gnificent!

A bit of cyberpunk, a little manga, and a whole lotta attitude!
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