How to Get Mass-Market Auto Buyers into Electric Cars

In this second part of a two-part interview with Sam Spofforth of Drive Electric USA and Clean Fuels Ohio, I talked with Sam about converting mainstream automobile buyers to electric powertrains and zero emissions. We talked a bit about how to improve consumer awareness of EVs, how to convince traditional auto buyers to go electric, […]

Migration From Central America Driven By Climate Change

Climate change is a major factor forcing Central Americans, left with no other option, to flee their homes, as the dual threats of drought and extreme weather have destroyed crops and productive farmland, Bloomberg reports. Central America is responsible for less than 1% of global carbon pollution, yet is one of the most vulnerable regions […]

Worsening Monsoons, Assassinated Activist, Broken US Infrastructure Negotiations — Nexus Media News Roundup

The following are three short news pieces from Nexus Media. A Million Years Of Mud: Climate Change Will Make Monsoons Worse Climate change will likely worsen monsoons affecting one-fifth of the world’s population, new research suggests. The study, published Friday in Science Advances, assessing data from the past million years, supports previous research showing global warming […]

UK Civil Society Calls on MEPs to Halt Approval of “Green” Finance List

Originally published on Transport & Environment. By Eoin Bannon More than 90 environmental and consumer groups have today appealed to the European Parliament not to accept sustainable finance rules that would allow logging and the burning of trees to be counted as green investments. In a public letter, groups such as Transport & Environment (T&E), WWF, Greenpeace, […]

South Africa’s uYilo Electric Mobility Kick Start Fund Call For Proposals Now Open

We get a lot of comments from our readers in the comments section stating that they love to see all the articles showcasing homegrown solutions across Africa, especially when it comes to electric vehicles and associated infrastructure developed with local insights for local conditions and market needs. South Africa’s uYilo is helping catalyze this ecosystem in […]

Northvolt To Ramp Up EV Battery Production With Another $2.75 Billion

I’ve reported on electric vehicle battery production plans and battery supply chains extensively in the past year, interviewing many experts in the field. The core story is that electric vehicle (EV) should be skyrocketing in the coming decade (it already is in some places), and the battery supply chain looks like it is going to […]

EIG-Owned Cerro Dominador Inaugurates Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Plant in Chile

First CSP Plant in Latin America to Provide 100% Renewable Energy on 24-Hour Basis ...

Ford Maverick Hybrid Pickup Starts At $19,995

Meet the Ford Maverick Hybrid pickup truck that seats 5 and gets 40 mpg in the city.

Tesla’s “Flywheel” Approach Is The Secret To Its Success

With stability across multiple industries, Tesla shows how Brand Association is out and the Product Age is in.

US Department of Energy Announces Actions to Bolster Domestic Supply Chain of Advanced Batteries

In Concert with White House Report on Supply Chain Vulnerabilities, DOE Takes Immediate Steps to Create Jobs and Secure America’s Economic Competitiveness

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G7 summit: China says small groups do not rule the world

The G7 leaders, who are meeting in England, have sought a unified position over China's rise.

Oregon On Verge Of Requiring 100% Clean Electricity By 2040

Electric grids do not change overnight. Power plants and other infrastructure are multi-decade investments, and it’s rare to retire them early. So, it’s a bit painful to watch how slowly they have been getting cleaned up. Even with the majority of new power plants being renewable energy power plants, the percentage of electricity coming from […]

Tesla’s Model 3 Reaches #16 on the World’s Best-Selling Cars List

Originally posted on EVANNEX. by Charles Morris Tesla’s Model 3 is the best-selling EV of all time — it has now sold over 800,000 units, surpassing the Nissan LEAF, which passed the 500,000 milestone in 2020. That’s all very well, you may say, but how do Model 3 sales stack up in terms of the overall global […]
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